COVID-19 Vaccine Management and Distribution


Watch AM TRACE’s Managing Director of Strategic Engagement, Jens Dakin, speak alongside others from the CDC and Oregon Health Authority in a NASHP webinar to explore strategies for building vaccine confidence nationwide.

TRACE provides hands-on, programmatic guidance and support for COVID-19 vaccine management and distribution, including:

  • Understanding vaccine hesitancy
  • Increase vaccine uptake through collection and rigorous analysis of social science data sets
  • Establishing COVID-19 vaccine quality assurance and distribution plans
  • Developing programmatic evaluation plans
  • Developing project management support plans for vaccine sites
  • Providing continuous support throughout the mass distribution process
  • Collecting data to ensure timely reporting of required demographic metrics
  • Creating training and technical support materials

Agency Planning Tool to Address Vaccine Hesitancy

Strike Team Model

Our innovative model ensures a rapid response, scalable to meet the needs of our partners with teams selected and trained to meet local specifications and augment existing capabilities.


Our program success is driven by the ability to eliminate barriers to trust, build rapport, and gain community buy-in through collaborative relationships with community organizations representing every cohort of the local population.


Our platform allows us to accurately track program performance through data analytics and real time reporting, which is integrated into our partners’ existing technology platforms to meet government requirements.

AM TRACE works with government agencies, community organizations and not-for-profit entities to address large-scale public health challenges.

Our clinical and project management staff have hands-on experience in the field and understand the day-to-day operations of a health department. This firsthand knowledge, combined with public health best practices, allows us to swiftly assess our partners’ needs and collaborate with them to develop and operationalize individualized solutions.

TRACE uses a Strike Team Model as a framework for organizing our staff into small, specialized teams. The Vaccine Quality Assurance Strike Team (VAX) is a curated team that combines skilled, talent-driven staff with specific tasks and operational services. This staffing approach provides maximum responsiveness, flexibility, and scalability, enabling us to meet the unique needs of each health department.

Partnering with AM Trace is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Introduction call for our team to determine your needs, area requirements, where you need gaps filled in your roll out and other individual information that may be pertinent

Step 2

Our team will review all of the information we collected and customize a plan for you that includes info on geographic considerations, resources, technologies utilized & more

Step 3

We work with you to make modifications to the proposal, discuss sourcing elements and officially collaborate to get your plan moving.