Project Manager


Ms. Esmailzada brings her background in international development and community health to the AM TRACE team. Before joining the team, she was Executive Director of the BeLocal Group, an NGO working to bring collaborative, community and data driven solutions to challenges faced by rural remote communities in Madagascar. She spent time building programs that would result in income-generating activities, skill building, and business acumen to enable rural communities to be more economically resourceful during lean times. Her programs were grassroots built and led, with essential partnerships built to empower local expertise and foster true ownership within the communities with which she worked.

She also has experience working directly with communities in New York on research with the New York State Department of Health to study the long standing environmental health impacts of chemical contaminants in drinking water. Additionally, she brings her experience in community engagement working with public health entities on the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program in New York which is the mechanism by which New York State implements the goal of reinvesting and rebuilding Medicaid services. The goal of this initiative is to identify and address the critical gaps in the health care delivery system in New York.

Ms. Esmailzada received her Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and her Masters in Public Health from Stony Brook University in New York.