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Skilled Teams Ready to Deploy Nationwide to Manage COVID-19

Supporting Local Public Health Departments with

AM TRACE Skilled Teams Ready to Deploy Nationwide to Manage COVID-19


At AM TRACE we help local public health officials meet the daunting challenges of protecting their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are not a call center, technology application or staffing agency. AM TRACE is a unique offering to support local public health agencies with a dedicated team trained to engage with local citizens directly on the most sensitive topics necessary to contain the spread of the pandemic and manage effective distribution and quality management of the vaccine.

AM TRACE is ready to help. We are currently working with numerous states and local public health agencies around the U.S. on COVID-19 tracing programs. We can help you comply with state and federal guidelines with support on these critical needs, including:

  • Program Design
  • Logistics & Coordination
  • Data Management
  • Performance Analytics
  • Field Operations & Communications

AM TRACE works with government agencies, community organizations and not-for-profit entities to address large-scale public health challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.